Updated 2017-03-16
::: Steven "Jesse" Bernstein :::

This is my father, Steven Jesse Bernstein, otherwise known as Jesse (his moniker). He was a poet, playwrite, actor, wrote a handful of books, created music, played guitar and piano, sang and did poetry readings.

On 22 October 1991, he took a knife and stabbed himself three times in the neck, cutting the artery, committing suicide at the age of 40, about a month and a half before his 41st birthday which would have been on December 4th.

Awash In Your Dreams

The Shell Game

The Lighthouse and the Ship

That Well Known Song, The Loyalty Oath

Hot Christmas

University of Washington archive

I Am Secretly An Important Man


Wikipedia on Steven Jesse Bernstein

Steven Jesse Bernstein Stats
(Note: My mother, Heather, was never married to my dad, as is written in the stats.)

Blunt Instrument

Prison Drama

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