We Need Human Bridges

Deforestation 1978 and 2012
(Pictures taken by NASA)

Earth, the big desert. It is looking more like a ball of dirt than a beautiful green planet. And at that, a ball of dirt with billions (maybe even trillions) of tons of toxic chemicals released into the environment, yours, your children's, your grand children's, your great grand children's, and on and on. Is this right? Is it sane? No. it is completely wrong, and totally insane.

...That is us. We are allowing it to continue. We have very little time, less than you may believe. If every person on the planet started planting trees of every variety without respect to borders, governments or property ownership, how long would it take for us to have our forests back? How long would it take for the environment to be clean again?

If every person on Earth participated in the handling of all hazardous chemicals to process them through the use of natural process back into less harmful or even harmless compounds, how long would that take.

50 years? 100 years? The answer is, a long time for everything. And that is if Every person on Earth participates. Imagine how much longer it is going to take, if we don't come together globally as a people. We need all the people on Earth to realise. And to do that, we need human bridges between every group of people with all the different beliefs political, religious or other.

Knowing is not enough. It is realisation that must happen. There is a difference between knowing something, and realising what it means deep down, so much so that you can no longer ignore it. Now you understand it. Now you must tell someone about it. And if you do it in person, you will be more effective than if you try to communicate it over the net, like I am now.

Get out there and use your talent to communicate. Only, do it in the spirit of compassion, passion for healing, passion for Love, passion for life, deep understanding of how our only choice is to heal our planet, and ourselves. Don't hurt anyone with your words, especially yourself. Be kind always. Communicate to your friends, acquaintances, family, neighbors and strangers.

Create the beauty of nature everywhere you go. Plant something. Clean something. Get tree seeds. Sprout them and grow them at home. Then transplant them somewhere where a tree is needed. Expand the edges of existing groves of trees with new trees. If you create beauty, eventually people who are blind to this need will see it, accept it, desire it and even begin to participate.

People, you are working jobs each day. How is your job affecting the Earth? Your neighbor? The stranger on the street? Your family? You? Will what you are spending your life doing mean anything good at all in the future of your children, grand children, great grand children? Aren't you responsible for trying to make the lives of your offspring better? Are you doing that? Or just trying to survive right now? Because if what you are doing now will make it worse later, you should apologize to your children and stop doing what you are doing now. Refuse. You won't stop breathing, even if you lose your home to the banks. It hurts. But making the planet a worse place to live than it is now will hurt your children even more. It is short sighted.

We must each change what we are doing now. Don't wait for someone else to change. Do it yourself. Take the initiative to be responsible. Stuff means nothing if the cost is what we are seeing now all over the planet. Do something that creates life in the wild.

We are responsible for what happens next. It is up to us. We are the 99%, and if we are together, the 1% cannot stop us, even with all their guns and bombs and armies. We must have it in our heart and mind, every one of us.

-- Daemon A. Bernstein


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