We Must Love
I grew up, for the most part, without Love. I was 23 I think when I realized I had no idea what it was. That was some time ago. Being somewhat philosophical and dogged in my thinking, I gradually realized it was simple. It may be mild for one person, and for another, it is more intense, stronger. That could be the difference between Love for a friend and Love for family, or people in general. It could be a love of life. Children. Animals. Nature. Gardens. Trees. Music. We either Love. Or we don't. Intensity varies. We are moody.

What if two people who Love each other are struggling to make it in life. And an economic depression occurs which makes them homeless. Do they stop loving each other? Many do. And losing Love over an economic situation is wrong. It is then that Love is needed most, to heal, to prevent wounds. Yet people put so much importance on material stuff that they will trash the Love of their life to try and restore the stuff. But all that matters in the end is the Love and the life. That's it. Nothing else matters. Everything else without exception passes away, especially that which man makes. In the end the Love we give and receive is all that matters.

A thousand years from now, all that will remain is the Love that was given a thousand years before. It will show in the ways that people treat each other in the years in between. If there is a thousand years of Love, there will be a thousand years of peace. And that means a thousand years of healing all the traumas that came before. War to those descendents will be alien, absurd. They won't think about it. Life will be celebrated everyday in everything surrounding them. Beauty and health will be everywhere.

We Love. Or we don't. And we ride the waves of ups and downs of our emotions throughout our life. But, to make life bearable, we must Love. Otherwise our lives have no meaning.

-- Daemon Bernstein

"Real Love in the face of death will create life." -- anonymous


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