Three Groups on Earth
There are three groups on Earth. There are governments - that's one group. There are corporations - another group. And there are people, the biggest, least organized group.

The people group is made of individuals in all walks of life, some of whom work in government or corporation jobs. And the people group has the most to lose due to all the insanity perpetrated by corporations, and backed by governments. Disagreements or opposition between corporations and governments are meant to distract the people, rather than serve the people. The people group also has the most to gain by organizing and changing the rules by which the corporations and governments operate. The corporations and governments operate with such impunity that the people suffer all over the world.

We the people have so much good to gain by finding a way to come to a consensus, and persuade the powerful to change. And I have thought of a peaceful way to do that, but it requires creative and talented programmers and organizers who deep in their heart want to see the changes that will create a beautiful Earth, heal the people and stop the chemical insanity which is the current normal situation.

Imagine a world where gardens everywhere and many very large forests are the normal environment, the air is clean in all the cities, the water is clean everywhere and the the government and corporations serve the people, protect the environments from damage, no one is homeless or without family and healthy human contact when they need it. Imagine the world has more love than hate, more happiness than anger, depression, and misery in general.

Only the people can heal the world. No government can. No corporations will. Only the people can. That is us. So either we will, and the children will live in a better world. Or we won't, and the children will suffer even more than we are. All this bad stuff started with previous generations who left it to us. They were short sighted and selfish, not realizing what the outcome was going to be. Now we do know. If we don't change it, then we are more selfish than they were. But if we change it, then only good can result.

There is a peaceful and non-violent way. It requires talented, clear thinking people. That is us.

If some people want to make this happen, then we need to form a simple, efficient, compassionate organization which allows anyone from any walk of life in any country to participate.

We are all One Human Family, and we will all benefit if we find a way to reliably come to an irrefutable, reliable consensus which is above reproach and cannot be corrupted. This is possible. Only we the people can do it. Our governments may ignore it, but they will not be able to reasonably deny it.

Daemon A. Bernstein