Mothers Create Society
One of my dear friends says that I live too much in my head. And indeed, I do seem to be in thought a lot more than the average person. Sometimes for a moment I wish I could stop thinking, and live in the moment the way most people do. But I cannot. The problem is that the more I think, the more aware I am of what is happening and what the outcome is likely to be. And it is caused by the people who live in the moment.

The world is being destroyed by people with faces and names. And those people are the people of the rich nations, people who do not even realize how rich they are. They have never experienced extreme poverty. Millions of people have starved to death and otherwise been killed so that the people in the rich nations can have their potato chips, their cars, their kitchen appliances, their packaged foods and confections.

We are surrounded by a powerful infrastructure which ensures that for very little work we can go to the store and buy whatever goodies we want. The stores contain many things to eat that we do not need, nor will we ever need those things. As a rule, those are the things we need to not eat or otherwise obtain.

Living in the moment is apparently very enjoyable. Even if you know something terrible, you don't have to realize it, or feel responsible for it. I feel responsible. I realized that my whole life has been lived at the expense of the very children I prayed for when I was a child. They died of starvation so that I could have things I did not need for health or happiness. What I needed for health and happiness was minimal from a material standpoint. It still is. What is missing is a woman, a family, a very basic natural home.

People in this country do not get together or marry for Love. They do it for wealth, and Love is hoped for as a secondary desire. It spoken of as if it is the requirement. But, if you cannot provide material comforts, then you do not deserve Love in America. It is the change in what is considered to be valuable in America that is destroying society, destroying the world. So many countries have come to emulate the wealth and prosperity that America was. And it is at great expense to the rest of the world that they and we are so wealthy.

Women want their careers and their family. Sorry. That is not possible. Looks good at first, maybe. But when you are giving the majority of your energy to your career, then someone else who has no real connection like the one you are blessed with, is raising your child. The schools with their metal detectors, guards and guns and scared children with see through backpacks. Your children are essentially abandoned by you everyday. You cannot expect them to form a deep emotional attachment to you when you are not there. And the outcome? They have trouble forming deep Loving attachments to anyone for their entire life... so you, mother, could have a career, to provide all those comforts or get whatever satisfaction you could from it.

And even if in later years you do seem to have a good relationship with your child when they are an adult, stand back and take a look at the relationships you have, your child has. Are they really successful? Because I look around and see where parents and children have become friends once the child grows up. But the damage is done. It is normal damage, so most people do not see it, unless they look at the alternative, where the mother begins that child's life with the ability to form Loving trusting attachments, with no fear.

Fear paralyzes, destroys. Love creates and enables us to do things we cannot do if we are afraid. And we can only learn Love through Love.

Live beyond the moment. See the future, and see how it is created by the moment that you live in. You are creating the futures of all other people. You are the mothers not only of your own children, but everyone's children. You are the mothers of society.

If you take responsibility, it can be a good. If you don't, it won't. Your career is not important. Material wealth and comforts are not important. Your child is important. Your child will do according the Love learned, as a child. If the Love is not at maximum, what will your child do to society? Will it be good, full of Love? Or will it be in the moment with no thought or responsibility to the entire community of Earth?

Mothers have the power given to them by nature to build worlds full of Love. Anything else will not build a world full of Love. Take the time in your life to consider wisdom and knowledge.

~ Daemon A. Bernstein


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