Letter to the President

NASA 2012

Dear Mr. President,

I will not concern myself with precise numbers, and may not even consider approximate numbers. Understanding the reality of the situation on Earth is far more important in general than being precise.

This email actually concerns a general policy not mentioned in the list of options on the Whitehouse Website, that of using violence as a solution for most if not all problems. One may not consider the making of more laws that directly impact the lives of the people as violent. But laws as a rule increase anxiety and fear in people. And people, by their nature look for relief, generally in a chemical sense, but also through the emotional highs and lows created by media. Some drink alcohol, some use drugs, many smoke, some do all of the above, and all eat, drink and breath.

Concerning eating, drinking and breathing, the massive variety of things available to take into our bodies have various effects on people, affecting their digestive systems, endocrine systems, nervous systems and brains, and dramatically altering their ability to think accurately and make rational decisions each day. The reality is that people have to make decisions all day every day. But if their ability to do that is even slightly impaired, their decisions will be less than optimum. Consider that I am talking about adults, which make up the majority of the population in America, and the problem is magnified hugely.

Food in America is contaminated. And make no mistake or be under any illusion that everything in the food affects the human body. There are no exceptions to this. Even inert gases have an effect. Even though they may not react, taken in they may prevent reactions necessary to healthy functioning. As long as it is no longer possible to get uncontaminated food, water and air, there will be a degradation of society. We are bound to nature, and that bond cannot be broken. All disconnects from nature have consequences, some terrible.

It is not surprising that there is violence in America unparalleled by other developed countries. With the over abundance of laws restricting people, making them scared, and literally causing emotional reactions, and them responding by trying to feel better by using the many chemical ways available to them, including activities which release chemicals within the body, it is predictable that some peoples' reaction will be physically violent.

In reality, the relative handful of people who use guns in their violence are not necessarily the worst cases. The worst and most abundant are the parents who, by several means, commit violence against their children everyday. I suspect that for the most part the violence is verbal. But it hardly matters. Children are the most impressionable group on Earth. And they are most vulnerable to whomever is their caregiver. Since many of them will grow up and have children of their own, the traumas and fears they experienced will get passed on to their children.

In fact, we are generations removed from those who started this series of parental mistakes. What is different at this point is that as a species we now have the technical capability to do unprecedented damage to ourselves and every animal and plant on Earth. And since we are bound to nature in an unbreakable bond, our only real solution is to get everyone to reconnect with nature. Many of the parents could heal under the right circumstances, and as a result their relationships with their children would improve.

There are many obstacles to this though. There are many laws at all levels, including local community rules almost everywhere in America which prevent people from creating sustainable ways of living. Technology now is such that with some changes, carbon and nuclear produced electricity could be replaced, though that would barely be a beginning. Much more needs to change in the way people think about life.

A country is made of people. And a country is only as healthy as the people are. If the people are unhealthy, and their health is deteriorating, then the country's health is deteriorating. And eventually, the country will die. Another will rise, but unless there is an accurate understanding of how the previous one failed, and a collective effort to create a healthy living society, it too will fail. The deterioration will continue until appropriate changes in the way people think are made.

Health cannot be attained through a medical system. Some healing and relief from some ailments can in the short term, but long term health comes from nature, not industry.

I cannot pretend to completely understand the ramifications of this short email, but I do understand that we have no chance of having a healthy society unless root causes of the problems are addressed. No law or rule or other rhetoric is going to heal the people except those that reconnect people to nature and repair nature.

Chemicals must be eliminated from food, water and air. Otherwise, the deleterious effects on the bodies of the people will continue. And the results of those effects will continue. And that means the continued deterioration of society.

Anyone who has gone to college and gotten a degree is better educated than I am. But if wisdom is not used in conjunction with the knowledge, then the use of the knowledge itself may be unwise. And in that case, it may be harmful or even fatal to use the knowledge.

Many laws are created based on fear and projection of what may happen. And very often the reasoning behind these fears and projections are flawed in ways which ultimately cause more harm than the laws themselves were intended to prevent, sometimes with consequences reaching far across the world and continuing years into the future. Such laws cannot be justified by any rational and accurate reasoning. Simply removing such laws would help by reducing the problems they create.

Part of the nature of humans is to be free, like the rest of nature is. Without simple freedom, people cannot thrive. And living in constant fear of anything reduces the sense of freedom. Laws created based on fear, tend to create fear, and generally also tend to reduce freedom.

I sincerely hope that if this letter should find you, that you will find it helpful. Few people are in a position to make such dramatic changes to so many.


Daemon Bernstein


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