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There are numerous claims that autism is increasing at an extreme rate, some saying that by 2025 (7 years from now) 50% of all children born in the US will be autistic. Whether or not the prediction is accurate, there seems to be no dispute that the number of children being diagnosed with autism is increasing. What seems not to be mentioned is that this percentage does not take into account all of the currently affected and impaired adults.

If what they say is true, then by the time those kids reach adulthood around 2043, the entire country will be impaired, because the majority of the people will be impaired. The economy will will not fail merely because of corruption in government and corporations, it will fail because too many of the people will be too impaired to function normally each day. The percentage won't matter, because it will be more than 50% affected or too severly impaired to function normally in society.

The ramifications of this are severe. People will starve and die, being unable to function due to neurological and physical impairments. There will be too few functioning people to compensate for all the disabled people, and in any case, even fewer people kind enough to even be inclined to help.

It will be a catastrophic failure of America, where even the offspring will not be able to reproduce healthy children, because their bodies contain toxins at the point at which they are born which will prevent it. And many will have affected and impaired parents as well, which is already the case. It will be the critical mass of the end of America. The rest of the world, if they are so inclined, will have to save us from ourselves.

If you want to start the healing process now, grow food and herb gardens indoors and outdoors, save seeds, share seeds and boycott all grocery stores to the extent that you can. Buy nothing from them that you can grow yourself. Buy nothing from any farmer that uses chemicals in farming. Avoid processed food products.

And be kind to everyone. The hate of many generations before us is what has brought us to where we are now. Be kind.

Daemon Bernstein


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