Cascade Failure
Wikipedia describes a cascading failure as a failure in a system of interconnected parts in which the failure of a part can trigger the failure of successive parts. Such a failure may happen in many types of systems.

Nature is a system. Any biological organism, such as a human body, is a system. Society is a system. The solar system is a system. If a spatial body of enough mass came through our solar system, it would gravitationally interact with and disrupt the system. If a poison is entered into the human body or any organism, it will interact to the degree that it can, and cause disruption, which may result in damage that may or may not last. But the damage will affect other systems while it persists. If toxins are entered into the system of nature on Earth in sufficient quantity over time, it will cause degradation of the system.

Nature, unlike mechanical physics, is able to compensate for interruptions in it's system for the most part. If left alone in a more conducive environment, it will recover from damage done to it, even very severe damage. The more damage, the longer it will take to recover. But eventually it will. Even deserts would eventually become fields and eventually forests if enough uninterupted repair of the Earth occured.

The human body is also able to compensate to a great extent. But it's lifespan is much shorter than the Earth. So even though it can compensate and even recover to an extent if the system interruptions are no longer added to the system, like toxins, the damage will shorten it's lifespan.

To understand a cascade failure it is generally necessary to go to the beginning where the initial cause is. It may not necessarily be required to absorb and know all the details to get the general idea, and know enough to begin correcting the problem. It may be necessary to continue learning to comprehend enough to fully reverse the failure of the system. It may even be necessary to actively rebuild it rather than leaving it to recover on it's own. If there is enough damage to the system, it will not recover but instead eventually completely fail.

Currently there is a cascade failure in progress in human society, which is so destructive that it is damaging the system of nature on Earth. This failure is evident everywhere, in every facet of human activities and behavior. It can be seen in everyone who participates socially, and with industries, no matter how small or limited the participation. It is the cumulative result of the activities and behavior of humans that is interrupting a significant proportion of nature, and if it continues, will eventually result in a complete failure of most of nature.

I find it unlikely that humans can completely destroy all life on earth, but certainly it is possible to destroy enough to eliminate the presence of most if not all humans and non-humans. I hope I am wrong on that point. But there is no doubt in any sane, reasonably intelligent and honest humans' mind that many humans and non-humans alike are suffering as a direct result of the thoughts, behavior and activities of humans.

Humans are the only beings on Earth capable of willfully destroying an environment with inventions such as chemicals and machines. And there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove this. Yet it cannot be proven, because too many humans are dishonest, especially among those who seek out vocations in any power position, such as politics in any venue, such as government and corporations.

Never the less, the cascade failure underway in human society is in progress. Agree with or dispute it if you wish. It will not change the truth. But think, meditate, pray on it, sincerely seeking to understand and know the truth in your heart and mind, and accept the truth you find, and your understanding will resolve into a clearer image in your mind of the overall situation within the system.

While this system failure began long before any of us were alive, thousands of years ago, the solution is fairly simple, though not easy. Women are the sole beings on Earth capable of fixing it. Men must participate. But men cannot bear children or form chemical bonds with children. Only women can do that. And those bonds form the most powerful emotional bonds that a human can have.

It begins with the way a woman thinks and lives, before the conception of the child and continues throughout the child's formative years. Once established it sets the general emotional, moral, ethical and above all, spiritual parameters for that child's approach on living his or her own life. You can rephrase that anyway you like. It will not change the facts. But if the child is not emotionally and spiritually healthy and stable before the onset of puberty, then recovery will likely be much more difficult, though it can be done. Failing to recover, the outcome can be very destructive both to the person's own life and others, as well as contributing to our societal cascade failure.

Being a mother for many women appears to be conceived of as having a child and caring for it's physical needs, such as food, clothing and shelter. Having a child and caring for it in this way merely makes a woman a hostess. Being a mother is an active dynamic process, whereby the woman takes an active role in her child's life while it is still a fetus, through her thoughts and emotions, her food and water, her chosen environment and the elements she allows into her environment that she interacts with, such as chemical and other toxins and media, which always stimulate emotions. There is no such thing as a non-factor which exists within her sphere of life, whether she is aware of it or not. Everything, all that she encounters in any way at all is a factor.

While some women can definitely make great mothers, many women cannot or do not want to really be a mother. They may be biologically driven to have a child, but are too severely distracted by all that is going on around them to be good mothers. Society gives them contradictory conceptual signals and messages, saying that they must be self sufficient, don't coddle your child, be strong, get a career, you don't need a man, and many, many more. These signals and messages contradict the need of society for good strong mothers, who have the strength to love and trust a man, so that he feels useful and needed. This results in him being a lot more peaceful and less inclined to finding a solution for anything in violence. In this way, women are far more powerful than men.

But due to the ideas that have occurred within society over the last several thousand years, this essential role of mothers has deteriorated to such a degree that the vast majority of children are injured from the moment of conception throughout their entire formative years, and on into their adult years.

I personally think that many of the ideas which have occurred in society in the last hundred and fifty years or so are largely due to the violence which has persisted in many societies on Earth for thousands of years. It lead to the reasoning that women must be equal in social status with men within the societal system. It is a simple need to be respected and to end the tyrannical abuse of men against women which has existed for thousands of years.

But this has also resulted in the severe and relatively rapid deterioration of the mother's role as an emotionally and spiritually available parent. Of course it deteriorated long before these norms in society of equal status began to be created in human consciousness.

Women and men must not have equal status. Neither should have greater or lesser status than the other. One could say that the status of women and men must be different. While that is true, it is too simple. Like all the creatures in nature, each has a natural role in nature. Unlike all the creatures in nature, humans exclusively can choose to change their roles.

But the choice must be clear, that if a women chooses to do anything which interferes with her being available to her child, she should not have a child. There are even exceptions to that. Some women simply want to be mothers. And some of them are willing to nurse and raise a child they did not bear.

But even so, a woman should not bear a child until it is certain there will be a mother to raise the child with the love and wisdom needed to create a society which will not have a cascade failure, which will care for the Earth and all of nature, which will prevent toxins from being in the environment, the food, the water, and will shun toxic media in all forms.

While there are observable irrefutable indications of a societal cascade failure occurring, we can change it. It requires extreme and complete honesty. It will be necessary to change many things. In general, all industrial toxins must be permanently contained using the most extreme measures possible in order to remove them from the environment. The nurturing, healing and education of all people currently alive, including the incarcerated, must include social and spiritual aspects capable of encouraging thoughts of peace and peaceful solutions to all problems.

Violence always results in violence, never a long term solution. If the various great social leaders such as Jesus, Gandhi, Mohammad, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa and others had advocated violence as a solution for social change, they would have succeeded in social change. But it would have also resulted in a more violent society than we have now. Imagine that. Instead of war most of the time, it would be war all of the time. It would be a social disaster on proportions that we only see in the movies and television.

Now imagine if military generals and admirals advocated promoting peace without an agenda. Imagine if the actual agenda of Politicians was actually peace. Their methods may include armed military personnel, but those personnel would not be there to shoot anyone, or even to fight.

They would be there to simply stop people from fighting, to find those peaceful solutions. Their dress and weapons would be different. Their intentions would be evident in their words and the equipment they brought with them. Fewer planes and bombs, more material and equipment for feeding and housing. More tools and supplies for people to grow gardens to create more food and beauty. Art and music supplies. More effort to creating venues where people can talk and solve their problems with words, and not guns. Industrial cleanup.

It would take effort, but far less resources than a war requires with far better results which could last for centuries or millenia. New peaceful social leaders would emerge, where before they were hiding from the insanity around them, and mostly unable to effect the peaceful changes so needed by all of society.

The various industries which support war could be busy supporting peace instead. They could provide all the necessary equipment, materials, tools and personnel to help people heal. It would cost less and be far more sustainable both as a business model and for the Earth and all people. A happy and healthy society is good for all businesses and people.

I sincerely hope that the thoughts in this essay inspire readers to make changes in the way they think, and create ways to effect the changes I have suggested here.

Daemon A. Bernstein