Artificially stimulated emotions

"War is a great destroyer of true Love."

When a person watches tv or a movie, in the course of watching, emotion is experienced. This emotion is stimulated by imaginatively experiencing what is happening emotionally in the show. An aggressive gung ho man may get his thrill watching combat movies, or movies about cool dudes with muscle cars or fighter jets. Or maybe martial arts. Maybe it is more cerebral. Maybe the emotion has more to do with thinking about the show, rather than experiencing it. A woman may get her emotions stimulated by a story about love, or hate, or anger, or romance. And Love and Romance are not the same. Very different.

What does that do to us, experiencing artificially stimulated emotions that are in general, out of step with life? We get addicted. In some case, the person stimulated will try to actually experience the simulated experience to stimulate the emotions for real, maybe expecting something more intense. And in some of those cases, it can be devastating. Results do vary. But the addictive, artificially stimulated emotion leads some to a misconception that the experience was real, when in fact only the associated emotion was real.

Media is literally as addictive as some of the most addictive drugs on Earth. When you experience emotion, it is chemicals that are released into your brain. You watch the news, tv show or a movie. Or maybe the tv equivalent of a tabloid. Now when I hear someone carrying on about some movie star or pop star or celebrity of whatever, I know why. That person has been taking in the media, experienced intense emotion and become addicted. And they do not understand that they are literally addicted to the 'drugs' their brain produces. And it is not just video media. Books, magazines, news papers, various sources on the internet. All sources of media stimulate emotion.

"The brain produces drugs?," you ask. The difference between drugs and the chemicals our brain produces is the meaning. It is the cause of them being stimulated and released into the brain that is the difference. If the cause is a consistent, repeated experience of nature in a pristine environment where the wind, the grass, the trees, the scent of flowers, the observation of wild animals, the thoughts of wisdom that result, then that cause is natural, and those chemicals released into your brain are not drugs. They are not overwhelming and artificial. Real, true Love can result.

But if the cause is artificially created by man and technology, then true Love will be very weak or cannot be created at all. The thoughts will be misconceptions of the person consuming the technology.

I know that most people will not realize what I am talking about. Those that do must simply set an example by living their life naturally. No artificial sweetener, artificial inspiration or artificial stimulation. No chemicals or hormones in the food. Create a Space of Love for others to see, to experience, more powerful than all the forms of artificial stimulation combined, and then they will see. Their heart will ache for the real Love they see. They will become hopeful that they can experience it themselves, for real. They will feel that all the artificial sources are hollow, and those sources will simply lose their appeal.

Your Space of Love must be pristine and beautiful to behold. It must inspire the people who are in deep emotional pain, to heal each other. Only true Love can heal the spirit of Man. And when the spirit of Man is healing, Man will heal the Earth.

Create a Space of Love, and the demonstration of life will inspire people to Love.

-- Daemon A. Bernstein


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