A Beautiful Living Garden

Forest Garden
Humans are like children, like a whole shit load of toddlers with weapons that are live. Rifles, pistols, grenades, rockets, tanks, artillery, bombers, fighters, gunships, UAV's armed and unarmed, nuclear weapons and clever ways of using things for destructive, mean and murderous activities. Some things now used for destructive purposes were originally intended for benign beneficial uses.

Humans: The species that kills everything, including each other, and on a huge scale. It is completely absurd next to the rest of nature.

Except for us, nature as a rule is constantly in a state of rebuilding, growing, repairing our damage. It does not destroy anything. It rearranges sometimes, but no real destruction to the environment. We have the distinction of being the only species that destroys our environment, making poisonous with chemicals for every living thing, making places where nothing can live, or where only plants can live, as they clean up our mess, which will take them a really long time.

Now and then you hear people say something ignorant like "nature over running us". That simply is not possible. We do that, but nature cannot. Nature, if given the chance will provide us with everything we need to live and be healthy. It will not over run us ever. And at this point, if we leave it alone, it will take a thousand years for it to make our planet the way it was maybe 100 years ago. Many cycles of life and death of trees and plants and animals must occur in as pristine a state as possible to repair the soils that have been damaged by human activities. It will take even longer for chemically damaged places to repair. If we all were to cease all our destructive activities now, the Earth would repair itself in thousands of years, probably more than ten thousand. Forests would grow back, poisons would be absorbed and converted, the air would be clean, food would be everywhere in plants.

When you are digging yourself into a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. And the human species is digging one really big hole which will serve as the grave for nearly every living thing including the human species... unless we stop.

We think of older cultures as being less developed. But their families were not falling apart, they had very little crime and no prisons. Little sickness of any kind. No big wars. All of these things are inventions of modern man. And man started becoming modern maybe ten thousand years ago. We started having wars and more diseases. And as we created cities and developed weapons and attributing our own behavior to the will of God, we gradually over millennia destroyed a lot of humans, families and nature.

God only loves and creates. And his creations are all around us creating, trying to repair damage we are doing. But we are faster. Nature will eventually repair the planet, after we are gone. And if this happens, then what is the purpose of our existence? We have none. Nothing we do now will matter if we are all gone in a thousand or two thousand years. That amount of time is very little in comparison with the time scale of the universe. Archaeologists from other worlds in the future may be glad we self destructed, so as not to visit their world and cause even more destruction. And I would agree.

God gave us the ability to think and understand. We have the ability to create life around us, to make the Earth a paradise. No city can be a paradise with all of it's angular, unnatural structures, all of the poisons put on the ground, the destroying of life. If a city is to at least be beautiful, it must be because the people there are creating life, turning half or more of the city into a beautiful living garden.

Daemon A. Bernstein


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