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These documentaries no doubt vary in the accuracy of the information presented. But, the essential truth can be taken from the fact that we as a species are committing terrible crimes against each other and against nature. Our actions and participation in these acts make it clear that we are mostly unwise. It is the point that is important, not the precision of the information. Please do not be distracted by insignificant errors, when considering the very significant overall errors we are committing.

I purposefully do not advocate any conspiracy theories. I am not interested in the reasons and excuses people have to do these things, only that they do them. Sometimes it is fairly obvious, and the reasons are not theories. Dwelling on the theories or reasons concerning why people do these things is a waste of energy, which causes even more harm, which tends to perpetuate the original problems. Only solutions are important.

I want people to see with their minds, to understand with their hearts and to change something, to make the world good everywhere. The good and evil activities of men and women reside within the hearts of those men and women, often looking like desire and ambition. Desire and ambition are good, but must be tempered with wisdom, compassion, understanding, forethought and perhaps some caution. The rest of us are responsible for accepting what is true and changing it to something that is good, to compel those committing evil actions to do something good instead.

Because there tends to be copyright violations committed by the people who post these documentaries online, some of the links periodically become dead. If you find a dead link here, do a Google search and you may find another copy at a different address. Or check back, and I may have found another address and fixed the link.

There is an apparent unfortunate truth about people currently living, especially in developed countries. Most would rather die than face the truth and change. However, if you will face the truth and change your life, then please click here. A change in thinking is the first thing that must happen for us to stop what we are doing, love, heal, and make our lives about creating and nurturing all life on Earth.

Overpill. When Big Pharma exploits mental health.

The Lie We Live (video)

Iran Is Not The Problem

Bill Moyers Essay: When We Kill Without Caring

Living Forest Communities
Sustainable forestry

The Man Who Planted Trees
(A Beautiful story showing what is possible)

(select 720HD quality for a crisper image)

The History of U.S. Government Use of Depleted Uranium munitions in Iraq
America's use of radioactive persistent weapons in Iraq. They continue to kill long after the troops have left.

The Age of Stupid
($2.99 on Youtube Movies)

The Corporation
About the history of the corporation and how it has affected the world today.

Hacking Democracy
About the hijacking of the voting system, rendering our votes null.

Wall of Films | Films For Action
This is a collection of Documentaries. I have not watched most of them, but you may find videos that resonate with you.

Earthlings - Animal Justice
(Requires Youtube account to confirm age due to content)

The World According To Monsanto

The Story of Stuff
Very informative videos about where our stuff comes from and where it goes.

Is Wal-Mart Good For America
(A PBS Documentary)

An amateur made but thought provoking film about the hydraulic fracturing industry, and the damage it is doing to people and the Earth. Some individual parts may not be accurate, but the subject of the film is.

Botany of Desire (2009)
Generally about mono-culture farming, but specifically focuses on the history and state of four different plants.

The Tank Man
(A PBS Documentary)

Big Brother, Big business
CNBC documentary from 2006, but even more relevant now than it was then.

Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar -- Physically Addictive
About the literal addictiveness of commonly consumed products, and the damage they do to our bodies. Funny, engaging and informative.



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